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What in the LGBTQ? A Discussion on Queer Culture

November 27, 2018

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Because I’m gay people think that I know everything there is to know about “Gay.” They are partially correct in theory. Since 2008, I have been advocating on behalf of the LGBTQ community providing education and sensitivity trainings at colleges and leadership retreats. I have created this 1-hour training to provide basic education on LGBTQ terminology and culture, to gain awareness of personal assumptions and stereotypes, and to cultivate a culture of acceptance and inclusiveness. To accomplish these goals, there will need to be tough discussions had, and policy review. I believe that you as providers want to service all individuals who meet your services requirements regardless of sexual identity, gender, or expression. In a world fueled by pop culture and social media people are scared to ask questions, fearing ridicule and shame. In this space, questions can be asked and confidence can be built. Designed to be interactive and educational, this session will cover: 

  • What in the LGBTQIA? Breaking this acronym into smaller, digestible pieces.
  • The Gay Agenda- to live happy and marry who we love, just like you.
  • Does my sex match my brain? Intro to Transsexuality
  • What kind of funding is available for LGTBQ providers?
  • LGBTQ etiquette – Can I call you a “Queer?”
  • How do I make my facility more LGBTQ inclusive for staff and clients?



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